Roborock S5 MAX WHITE Robot Vacuum/Mop with E-Tank, Alexa + App Control

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Product Details

Charge Time :

4 hrs

Type :


Runtime :

180 min

Filters :


Brand :


Smart Home Compatibility :

Amazon Alexa

Bagged/Bagless :




Color :


Protection Plan :

Additional Coverage Available

Manufacturer Warranty :

1 Year

Features :

a:12:{i:0;s:16:"Battery Operated";i:1;s:15:"Carpet Cleaning";i:2;s:7:"Compact";i:3;s:13:"Edge Cleaning";i:4;s:13:"Multi Surface";i:5;s:16:"Pet Hair Removal";i:6;s:8:"Portable";i:7;s:19:"Removable Brushroll";i:8;s:15:"Rinsable Filter";i:9;s:16:"Rotating Brushes";i:10;s:14:"Self Propelled";i:11;s:21:"Water Level Indicator";}

Model :

Roborock S5 MAX

Capacity :

0.3 L

Voltage :

120 V

Included Accessories :

a:3:{i:0;s:6:"Filter";i:1;s:11:"Floor Brush";i:2;s:7:"Charger";}

Cord Type :


Smart Home Protocol :


Item Weight :

Less Than 10 lb

What the Seller Says

Roborock S5 MAX WHITE Robot Vacuum/Mop with E-Tank, Alexa + App Control Roborock S5 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner & Mop System The Roborock S5 Max is engineered for seamless automated mopping, it has a super-sized water tank, precision water control, virtual no-mop zones, and more. Combined with precision laser mapping, advanced navigation, and intense vacuum suction, it makes spotless floors easier than ever. The S5 Max’s laser rangefinder spins at 300rpm, sending 360 degree area scans through a custom algorithm in real-time. Using that data, it creates an accurate floorplan map, and it knows where rooms are. A powerful 32-bit quad-core processor makes the S5 Max capable of an extraordinary level of intelligence. It understands the room’s shape and learns where obstacles are. It uses that knowledge to transform how it navigates, calculating the most efficient route for each room. An array of sensors including an accelerometer, odometer, infrared, compass, bumper and its hyper-accurate map of your room, mean the S5 Max cleans efficiently on its own. Inside the S5 Max is a specialized fan spinning at 1500rpm, channeling its airflow through carefully designed pathways. The suction it creates is strong enough to lift even AA batteries. FEATURES Advanced multi-level mapping system automatically splits your home into areas, so you can clean or schedule cleanups for one room, several rooms, and entire floors.Auto-start a combined vacuum and mop session to leave your floors spotless while using no-mop zones to navigate around any carpets.Using a unique drawer design, the mop panel can be installed & removed quickly and easily, without flipping the robot over or removing the water tank.Set virtual no-mop zones & barriers on any carpets and block off carpeted rooms, so you can mop without worry.Spring-loaded mop presses down with even pressure from start to finish, making the last area as clean & fresh as the first. Details:Adaptive algorithms calculate the most efficient cleaning route for each room based on shape and location of obstaclesHigh precision LiDAR laser navigation system spinning at 300rpm maps each room of your home in real timeFourteen sensor types collaborate for fall avoidance, Carpet Boost, height sensitivity, help it avoid getting stuck, and moreWith an ultra-precise peristaltic pump and a huge 290ml water tank, the S5 Max can mop a 2600sqft home in one goWashable air filter & mop pad; plus quick-release main brush, mop mount, water tank, & dustbin for easy maintenanceSupersized Lithium-Ion battery means up to 3 hours of non-stop cleaning in a 3230sqft spaceSmart Top-Up will return the S5 Max to the dock when power is low, and recharge just enough to finish cleaningClimbs easily over 0.8in high thresholds and carpets and automatically switches to maximum power when cleaning carpetAdvanced voice control can start/stop a cleanup simply by speakingThe free Roborock APP can schedule cleanings for one or more rooms, set no-mop zones & barriers, control water flow for various floor types, set vacuum strength & much more1 Year Roborock Warranty Includes:S5 Max White Robotic VacuumCharging DockPower CableMop Cloth MountMop ClothMoisture-Proof Mat

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