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Robot Vacuum World

Thank you for visiting our site, Robot Vacuum World! If you are ready to come to clean floors and never have to vacuum again, let us help! Browse through our store and find the best robot vacuum and cleaner for your home!

After a long day, no one wants to come home and wash windows, mop floors or vacuum. With a robot cleaner, you don’t have to! Instead, you can come home to clean floors and carpets.

The first robot vacuum cleaner was designed in 1996 by Electrolux but it was discontinued due to some flaws. In 2002 the Roomba was released by iRobot and the robot cleaning technology took over the market. Today, a lot of homes have a robot vacuum cleaner or mop. Some robot vacuums can easily go from carpet to tile to hardwood and change settings automatically while others are designed for vacuuming and moping.

Depending on your needs, you’ll easily find a great robot vacuum that will help you come to clean floors. Here we even offer robot window cleaners which make any hard to reach window a breeze. Shop now and save!

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